Privacy law developments in the Caribbean Community

15 October 2023



Plenary Opening Session at the 45th Global Privacy Assembly Conference, Bermuda,15-20 October 2023

Date: Sunday 15 October 2023
Times: 18.30 to 19.45
Location: Bermuda
Type: In-person only

Objectives: The aims of the session are to discuss current privacy law issues in the Caribbean region, raise awareness of the national laws in the region as well as the differences between the jurisdictions, and any compliance challenges companies face.

Format: First, the main features of each panel member’s national privacy law. Then a discussion, as a panel, on some common issues for the region. In the last 15 minutes, an opportunity for the audience to put questions to the panel.

Outcomes: We envisage that the session will be useful for the panel members themselves, other Data Protection Authorities, and observers from privacy advocates and the local and international business communities.



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Part 1: Establishing a Data Protection Authority and raising awareness of data protection laws

Raising awareness, and the relationship between the Bermuda Government and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner

  • Dr Marisa Stones, Cabinet Office, PATI/PIPA Unit - Government of Bermuda

Raising awareness and making a difference on a small budget

Experience of setting up the office, staffing, resources, collaboration between DPAs

Research into DPA resources, findings from Latin America and Africa including setting up a new office, funding and capacity, independence in structure, decision-making and collaboration

  • Laura Schwartz-Henderson, Researcher, Advocating for Data Accountability, Protection and Transparency (ADAPT) USA

Part 2: The Caribbean region from the compliance and legal perspectives

Commonalities and differences between some of the Caribbean jurisdictions

DPOs’ experience in complying with data protection law In Jamaica – challenges and opportunities

  • Dr Patrick Anglin, Data Protection Officer, The University of the West Indies, Jamaica