Data scraping – the attraction and the legal and ethical risks

12 October 2021


Data scraping can be useful but is it a data breach and when is it legal and ethical?

Date: Tuesday 12 October 2021
Time: 14.00 UK - the webinar will be recorded so everyone registered for this event can watch the session on demand at any time
Duration: 60 mins
Location: Online - register for free
CPE Credits: 1

As businesses increasingly look to data and technology to enrich their information pools and reach their customers in a tailored and effective manner, data scraping has once again come to the fore. With recent high profile data leaks stated as involving data scraped from online sources, this session asks when data scraping constitutes a data breach. The session also explores the potential uses of data scraping, and what data protection, ethical and reputational issues organisations should be mindful of when contemplating whether to engage in data scraping activities.



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