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Chairman’s introduction: Who’s Watching Me?

Includes: Introduction from John Edwards, Information Commissioner


Making privacy an essential global brand value


Data and privacy: balancing growth with ethics in a fast-growing industry


AI in the Metaverse: The challenges with Generative AI and other problems of the future


Consistent GDPR enforcement by aiding cooperation between national DPAs


Developing GDPR processes to make them more effective

  • Anu Talus, Data Protection Commissioner, Finland

How data portability empowers users when re-using personal data across digital services and platforms


Privacy in the gaming industry

  • Timothy Ma,  Head of International Privacy and Data Protection, Tencent, Hong Kong
  • Newton Yiu, Senior Legal Counsel, Tencent, Hong Kong
  • Calum Docherty, Associate, Latham & Watkins, UK

EU-US Data Privacy Framework and its implementation; Government Access to Personal Data Held by Private Sector Entities

  • Bertrand du Marais, Commissioner for International Affairs, CNIL, France
  • Hannah Mayer, Senior Counsel, Office of Privacy and Civil Liberties, Department of Justice, USA

EU Update: Digital Services Act, Digital Markets Act, AI Act and Data Act


AI and privacy risks in the financial sector: Consequences for companies and directors

  • Susan Bennett, Principal, Sibenco Legal & Advisory, & Founder, InfoGovANZ, Australia

Who is looking after your dating data?


Planning how AI can help DPAs and others assess enquiries, complaints and data breaches


The Age Appropriate Design Code Crosses the Pond: Keeping Pace with Kids’ Data Regulation


Who’s watching us on the street? How Clear Channel Outdoor balances privacy and commercial objectives

  • Jane Hunt, Senior Privacy Counsel, Clear Channel International, UK
  • Andy Stevens, Chief Data Officer, Clear Channel International, UK

Facebook Cambridge Analytica: What's changed?


How Ireland’s Data Protection Commission conducts inquiries and investigations and takes decisions

  • Seán Hurley, Decisions and Corrective Powers, Legal Unit, Data Protection Commission, Ireland

Data protection at the sharp end: What is it like challenging regulatory decisions?


How does Mexico’s regulatory framework facilitate the global free flow of data with trust?

  • Luis Ricardo Sánchez Hernández, General Director of Regulations and Consultations, National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information, and Personal Data Protection, Mexico

Taming PETs: Benefits and potential use cases


GDPR and its impact on new data protection laws in Asia: Adaptation or Adoption


The Evolution of the Data Lawyer: Navigating the swirl of regulation in practice


Dealing with de minimis compensation claims

  • Edward Machin, Associate, Ropes & Gray, UK
  • Alex Lawrence-Archer, Solicitor, AWO Agency, UK

Developments in the Middle East


Debate: This House believes that the EU GDPR is, in practice, a protectionist trade instrument.

  • Chair: Dr Ian Walden, Professor of Information and Communications Law, Queen Mary, University of London, UK, and Of Counsel, Baker McKenzie, UK
  • Proposer: Dr Ulrich Wuermeling, Visiting Professor for Privacy and Data Protection law, Queen Mary, University of London, UK, and Counsel, Latham & Watkins, Germany/UK
  • Seconder for the motion: Tatiana Kruse, Of Counsel, Dentons, UK
  • Opposer: Dr Orla Lynskey, Associate Professor, LSE Law School, UK, and Visiting Professor, College of Europe, Belgium
  • Seconder against the motion: Alexander Dittel, Partner, Wedlake Bell, UK

Data Innovation in Financial Services: Privacy Challenges and Mitigations

  • Laura Handford, Senior Counsel, Digital and Data Protection, Aviva, UK
  • Janet Lane, Global Head of Data Legal, UBS, UK

From blocker to builder: Bridging the gap between a low and high maturity organisation


UK’s plans for the regulation of AI


The UK data protection reform and its impact on companies


Update on the UK Data Protection and Digital Information Bill and International Transfers

  • Elisabeth Stafford, Data Protection Reform, Department of Science, Innovation and Technology, UK
  • Sam Roberts, Team Lead, International Data Flows, Assessments, Tools and Mechanisms, Department of Science, Innovation and Technology, UK

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