Navigating GDPR: The art of the possible

02 - 04 July 2018

St John's College, Cambridge, UK


NAVIGATING THROUGH ROUGH WATER takes skill and experience. The GDPR is a long and complex mix of principles and practical steps making it a challenge foreveryone.

The conference theme was the art of the possible reflecting a realistic assessment of the task ahead. We start from different points of the compass and may have a common map but there is no clear finishing line.

How do you plot your route? Companies shared their experience and future plans, and lawyers offered their advice. Policy-makers from the European Commission and the United Kingdom explained their direction and Data Protection Authorities from France, Ireland, Iceland, and the UK provided guidance.

With the ocean of personal data engulfing the world, constructing and implementing credible privacy policies and practices are ongoing tasks. This conference helped you achieve your aims by encouraging you to take a fresh look at the way you communicate and engage with everyone whose personal data you process.

The UK is casting off its moorings by leaving the European Union. How will its claim of EU adequacy compare with those of Canada, Japan and Korea? The conference also included sessions on the UK’s Data Protection Act 2018, the one stop shop, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, genetics, competition law, cloud services, Privacy by Design, the Internet of Things, accountability, fines, an update on the EU E-Privacy Regulation, the EU Data Protection Board, identification/de-identification, and the role of Data Protection Officers.

The trusty familiar vessels of the last 20 plus years are no longer seaworthy. Together we will scan the horizon for new tools and techniques to help you navigate the stronger legal duties and privacy values so you will keep afloat in future stormy weather.