Great Expectations

04 - 06 July 2016

St. John's College, Cambridge, UK


The EU Data Protection Regulation will start entering into force on the 24th May, perfect timing for this conference.

Great Expectations refers to the objective of achieving the great prize of consistent data protection legislation in many jurisdictions, with influence across the world. The EU Data Protection Regulation will result in heavier legal duties for organisations, individuals will eagerly use their new found rights, aided by consumer protection organisations, and Data Protection Authorities will have Great Expectations about their new stronger enforcement powers.

You will gain valuable insights into law and policy, DPAs' guidance, companies sharing their practical experience and some alternative perspectives. For three days,you will benefit from direct contact with DPAs and your peers at meals and other informal networking opportunities, enabling you to enhance your role as a member of the international privacy law community.

A unique summer-school atmosphere

The conference is held at St John's College, Cambridge, where participants will enjoy the excellent refurbished facilities at the new conference centre. Come and experience a classic Cambridge college and walk across the Bridge of Sighs.

This residential conference is an opportunity to enjoy a unique friendly summer school atmosphere, while mingling with a group of Data Protection Commissioners, privacy managers, specialist lawyers and academics from many countries.

The conference brings you into close contact with privacy regulators, challenges conventional wisdom, offers good networking experience and provides excellent value for money.