Successfully Managing the New Data Protection Laws

03 - 05 July 2000

St. John's College, Cambridge, UK


THE NEW DATA PROTECTION LAW entered into force in the UK on 1 March

Similar laws are already in force or will soon be operational in all the other European Union member states. Several countries outside the EU are also amending their data protection laws to bring them into line with the EU Data Protection Directive.

Conference Programme

How well are managers and staff across your organisation prepared for the changes in these laws, both the stronger rights for individuals and the new legal requirements for your organisation? What are the rights and the legal obligations, in practice? This conference provides you with answers to enable you to successfully manage the new data protection laws.

The conference will familiarise you with the latest developments in UK and international data protection law to explain what action your organisation needs to take to ensure compliance and combine it with good business practice. An ideal opportunity to meet key international policy makers.


  • A well balanced programme finely attuned to your needs covering not only current issues but also those which will demand your attention in the future
  • Over 30 speakers from seven countries including managers, Data Protection Authorities, and lawyers
  • Optimum time and space to network not only with colleagues in other organisations but also
    with staff from Data Protection Authorities from several countries who are eager to discuss
    issues informally with you
  • Outstanding value for money for this 3 day residential conference, also available for 1 or 2 days
  • 18 Continuing Professional Development Hours


  • More roundtable options and smaller groups to facilitate lively discussion
  • Scenario sessions on the UK’s new Data Protection Act to help you explore and understand the grey areas of the law
  • Spontaneous discussion groups: Privacy chat rooms – you choose the issues