Data Protection Law Clinic

Valerie Taylor and Helena Wootton

Book a 30 minute consultation to help resolve your Data Protection issues.

Receive a helping hand to reduce any anxiety you may face when confronted by longstanding and/or novel data protection challenges.

PL&B's Data Protection Law Clinic will provide you with support and reassurance that you are covering your most important priorities, fill in any gaps and propose alternatives to aspects of your current compliance programme.

What is it? A confidential and efficient 30 minute phone or video consultancy service in which you discuss your data protection challenges with our consultants. Use your time to discuss the issues that matter to you. For example:

  1. Deciding on your priorities
  2. How to respond to complex Data Subject Access Requests
  3. How to make your case for more resources
  4. Carrying out Data Protection Impact Assessments
  5. Carrying out Legitimate Interest Assessments
  6. How to prepare your Records of Processing Activity
  7. Contracts with suppliers or other third parties
  8. Planning a gap analysis or audit
  9. How to plan data protection training for different roles within your organisation
  10. A second opinion to your usual sources of advice
  11. How to draft or update your privacy policy
  12. Interpreting how the ICO’s advice applies to your specific situation


  • Instant support for your most pressing challenge
  • Quickly get to the core of your questions and possible solutions
  • Access to PL&B’s consultants, Valerie Taylor or Helena Wootton, data protection lawyers each with over 20 years’ experience.

Fee: £150 + VAT for each 30 minute session, once the date and time are confirmed.

Bonus: receive a free article from a recent edition of PL&B UK Report after your consultation.

The initial Data Protection Law Clinic may lead to a written follow-up or further work which could be carried out by your internal team, PL&B consultants or by your usual external advisors.

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