2018 Programme



31st Annual International Conference


Navigating GDPR:
The art of the possible

2 – 4 July 2018

St. John's College Cambridge, UK


Conference programme by day with session summaries: 

Day 1 -                  Monday 2 July 2018 
Day 2 -                 Tuesday 3 July 2018 
Day 3 -                 Wednesday 4 July 2018
Programme and Speakers are confirmed as at 27 June 2018 but the dates and timings of sessions may change.

Practical steps to demonstrate GDPR accountability

Along with the sessions with policy makers and regulators from several countries, this conference will provide you many presentations on the practical steps you can take to demonstrate GDPR accountability:
  1. Big data, purpose use limitation and ethics under the GDPR
  2. The added value of a certification scheme
  3. Managing data as an asset in a digital world
  4. Shifting business models – Lessons from the entertainment industry
  5. Cloud, data localisation and Privacy by Design 
  6. What to automate in your privacy programme
  7. The first big fine: Who will get it and how to avoid it
  8. Artificial Intelligence: Can machines learn how to comply with the GDPR?
  9. Blockchain demystified: What is it and data protection implications
  10. Data compliance for innovators and disruptors
  11. Finding the data protection ‘Sweet Spot’ – Using consumer evidence to build a risk based data protection strategy
  12. Building bricks rather than ticking boxes
  13. Achieving a harmonised global privacy framework based on the GDPR
  14. Risk-based GDPR training 77,000 staff in multiple languages and countries
  15. The challenges of privacy in the connected store – The future of retail and privacy
  16. Demystifying de-identification: A practical workshop for privacy professionals
  17. Should the role of data protection officer be internal or external?
  18. Privacy by Design cooperative Workshop 1: Transparency for individuals when signing up for a digital service
  19. Privacy by Design cooperative Workshop 2: Control when managing data collected at different stages of a digital service