PL&B UK, Issue 93
September 2017

Lead story:
The future of data protection law and enforcement in light of Brexit

In the summer, the government expressed its thoughts about the UK’s future DP law. Nicola Fulford and Gemma Lockyer of Kemp Little LLP look at the derogations from the GDPR.


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Also includes:

  • Woodland Trust turns over a new leaf in collecting consent
  • Data Protection Bill introduced in the House of Lords
  • Data Protection Officers – a world of uncertainty
  • Personal data stores – the way forward?
  • Privacy Engineering: Preserving utility whilst anonymising data
  • A Data Protection guide to the use of marketing data
  • Privacy compliance expands from a legal issue to a governance one
  • FOI brings tailored services and efficiency to local government
  • Government introduces Data Protection Bill
  • Government seeks interim solution to international data flows
  • Digital Economy Act: Data protection implications
  • Implementation of the cyber security directive
  • Charities’ attitudes vary on cyber security
  • ICO issues GDPR draft guidance on contracts
  • ICO: GDPR means no change in appetite for fining
  • Lords committee looks into artificial intelligence