PL&B UK, Issue 92
July 2017

Lead story:
Beware of over caution when implementing Privacy by Design

While getting consent is important when designing in data ­protection, does it really protect privacy?


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Also includes:

  • Machine learning: The future is in our hands – or is it?
  • Companies’ GDPR readiness not at the level where it should be
  • Is 25 May 2018 a realistic deadline for EU e-Privacy Regulation?
  • Transition to the EU GDPR:Half time report
  • A practical roadmap to GDPR: Rovio – Angry Birds case study
  • Take privacy advice early to avoid costly data mapping blunders
  • Aviva goes digital: Turning privacy law hurdles into opportunities
  • How to review third party contracts in view of the GDPR?
  • DP group issues guidance on legitimate interests
  • Pursue GDPR adequacy decision, Lords say
  • Morrisons, Moneysupermarket fined over emails
  • ICO revises Subject Access Request guidance
  • ICO issues record number of PECR penalties
  • Wetherspoons wipes emails to aid compliance
  • ICO wants a strong international presence regardless of Brexit
  • FOI (Extension) Bill to be introduced