PL&B UK, Issue 87
September 2016

Lead story:
Every step you take the media will be watching you

A well-managed response to data breach can enhance reputation, says Magnus Boyd, Partner at Schillings.


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Also includes:

  • Brexit and GDPR: Next move – stick or adapt?
  • Privacy litigation and insurance
  • Smart trends raise consent issues
  • Using Facebook to prove identity
  • UK membership of Council of Europe: Brexit implications
  • Cookie consent revisited by EU
  • Prize Promotions – playing it safe
  • Common security mistakes
  • New Information Commissioner takes a supportive stance on FOI
  • FOI - Scotland: Confidential documents not always exempt
  • Cambridgeshire: Lessons to learn
  • TalkTalk loses Tribunal appeal
  • FCA issues guidance on cloud computing and outsourcing
  • ICO fines Hampshire council
  • UKCloud achieves ISO 27018
  • ICO investigates WhatsApp and Facebook
  • Privacy International challenges government’s hacking abroad
  • Bulk powers’ operational purpose
  • Sage suffers data breach
  • Half of UK companies suffered data breach in the last two years