PL&B UK, Issue 86
August 2016

Lead story:
What now for data protection after UK votes to leave EU?

The Brexit poll result may affect UK data protection dramatically – or not. Multinationals are carrying on with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) preparations.


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Also includes:

  • RNLI to sink or float with opt-in policy
  • ICO continues GDPR preparations: Business as usual
  • Parliament urges annual reporting to ICO on cyber issues
  • Consent and the Internet: A matter of child’s-play?
  • The changing landscape of data protection in civil litigation
  • A simulated criminal attack – lessons from a ‘Red Team’ drill
  • New BSI data protection standard
  • Data Mapping: Understanding the flow of personal data
  • Police and companies work together on cybercrime
  • Get ready for the EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • A positive relationship with the Tribunal boosts chances of a win
  • Recommendation would ‘seriously undermine’ FOI Act
  • Digital Economy Bill brings marketing changes
  • Investigatory Powers Bill moves to the Lordsmarketing changes
  • People would share more data if privacy assured
  • ICO and Ofcom work on cutting nuisance calls