PL&B UK, Issue 84
March 2016

Lead story:
Brexit: The DP implications

The UK’s EU referendum will take place on 23 June 2016. As Brexit fever takes hold, Alex Brown and Hermione Coutts look at implications for data protection compliance.


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Also includes:

  • New restrictions on disclosures of personal data to non-EU courts will not apply in the UK
  • ICO urges organisations to start preparing for GDPR now
  • DPAs consider the EU-US data transfer Privacy Shield
  • Data Breach Notification under GDPR
  • EU DP Officer: Must-have, nice-to-have or safe to ignore?
  • Employee data surgery
  • DP Impact Assessment: A technologist’s perspective
  • Users’ experience of conducting DP Impact assessments
  • FOI will not be weakened
  • Government plans PECR changes
  • Enterprise Bill’s ICO implications
  • ICO seeks input on Privacy Notices Code
  • MPs voice concerns over Big Data and privacy
  • ICO issues encryption guidance