PL&B International, Issue 153
June 2018

Lead story:
The Danish transposition of GDPR: A few surprises

Peter Blume of Copenhagen University analyses the national specifics that include extending the scope beyond natural persons.


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Also includes:

  • ‘GDPR creep’ for Australian business but gap in laws widens
  • California’s GDPR?
  • European Data Protection Board is ready to operate
  • GDPR creep’ for Australian business
  • ABLI issues compilation of 14 Asian country reports
  • The Danish transposition of GDPR
  • Spain awaits GDPR adaptation law
  • Poland’s new DP law now in force
  • Israel adopts breach notification and other security measures
  • Thailand’s draft Bill: Strengths, many uncertainties
  • Small company, big ethics
  • Italy’s DPO group promotes best practice and GDPR
  • Book Review: Handbook on European Data Protection Law
  • LIBE committee calls for EU-US Privacy Shield to be suspended
  • Slovakia adopts GDPR law
  • France’s GDPR law faces constitutional inquiry
  • CNIL consults on DPO certification
  • Italy closer to implementing GDPR
  • EDPB ‘ready from day one’
  • US appoints FTC commissioners
  • Hungary’s GDPR adaptation Bill
  • Germany issues first court decision on GDPR
  • GDPR training practices diverge
  • Guide on GDPR insurability