PL&B International, Issue 148
August 2017

Lead story:
Russia increases DPA’s powers and fines

Since 1 July, companies in Russia face increased fines and its DPA, Roskomnadzor, can prosecute more offences


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Also includes:

  • Russia increases DPA’s powers and fines
  • Ireland’s DP Commissioneroptimistic on One-Stop-Shop
  • EU Model Clauses: Irish DPC v Facebook and Schrems
  • Spain leads way with EU’s first certification scheme for DPOs
  • German companies still relying on defunct Safe Harbor
  • Italy’s DPOs explore their GDPR role
  • Hong Kong focuses on complaint resolution and rectification
  • EDPB will be a clean start for data protection says Buttarelli
  • EDPS puts ethics in the spotlight
  • President Trump and privacy
  • Accession to CoE Convention 108
  • India’s data privacy future
  • GDPR: Data processing at work
  • Get contracts with vendors and customers GDPR ready
  • 500+ inspections in Russia
  • UK plans DP Bill
  • EEA countries join Privacy Shield
  • Italian bank loses data
  • Germany: DPAs issue first GDPR interpretations
  • DP and humanitarian action
  • Japan and EU adequacy
  • GPEN intensifies international enforcement
  • Hungary: A name is not necessarily personal data
  • Hong Kong adopts Apology Bill
  • EU LIBE committee still critical about EU-US Privacy Shield