PL&B International, Issue 147
June 2017

Lead story:
Germany’s new DP Act: Big news or business as usual?

The current rule of appointing a DPO in organisations remains. There is no cap on fines and there is the possibility of a criminal sentence of up to three years.


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Also includes:

  • Germany’s new DP Act: Big news or business as usual?
  • EDPS: New e-Privacy law will mean stronger enforcement
  • Germany reaches GDPR milestone
  • Taiwan increases its enforcement activity
  • PRC data export rules: ‘Adequacy with Chinese characteristics’?
  • ASEAN’s two-speed data privacy laws: Some race ahead
  • Social acceptance is key in exercising the right to privacy
  • The intersection of US litigation and EU data privacy laws
  • Global reach of the GDPR: What is at stake?
  • US multinational Stanley Black & Decker opts for GDPR standard
  • Book Review: Data Localization Laws and Policy
  • Privacy policies: Is there a risk of anti-competitive collusion?
  • Hogan Lovells issues GDPR compliance app
  • Belgium advises on Big Data
  • EU Commission seeks views on EU-US Privacy Shield compliance
  • Italy issues GDPR guidance
  • Ireland may appoint two more DP Commissioners
  • Finland’s GDPR implementation delayed