PL&B International, Issue 146
April 2017

Lead story:
Privacy Shield is up and running and surviving initial hurdles

The EU-US Privacy Shield is valid for now but a DPA assessment is due in September. In the meantime, US-based companies are self-certifying and DPAs are preparing to deal with complaints.


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Also includes:

  • Argentina to update its data protection law
  • DP in the Nordic countries
  • CNIL's message for 2017: ‘En marche’ for the GDPR
  • South Africa gets ready to enforce DP and FOI Acts
  • Japan’s Supreme Court rules on GPS tracking without a warrant
  • An essentially equivalent post-Brexit future for UK and GDPR
  • DPAs’ international networks grow in importance
  • Data Privacy Laws 1973-2016
  • Personal information under Australian privacy law
  • US States legislate on privacy issues
  • How to avoid complaints escalating to a privacy regulator
  • Book Review: African Data Privacy Laws
  • Israel’s data security regulations
  • Call for Privacy Shield annulment
  • Attributes of effective DPAs
  • Mexico’s public sector DP law
  • Google and Microsoft top study
  • DPA 2018 conference in Brussels
  • EU and Japan to discuss adequacy
  • Italy issues EU record fines
  • Poland issues draft GDPR law
  • Spain prepares for GDPR
  • France’s DPA GDPR advice
  • EDPS: Don’t interfere with GDPR
  • Albrecht: Tweak e-Privacy draft