PL&B International, Issue 143
October 2016

Lead story:
EU-US Privacy Shield put into practice

Some 200 companies had been certified towards the end of September. Axel Spies discusses the challenges already encountered and also what lies ahead of us.


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Also includes:

  • Privacy issues on the radar of competition authorities
  • European Cyber Security Month
  • Norway’s Consumer Council wins revised app privacy terms
  • The role of genetic data in personalized medicine
  • Philippines puts key privacy rules in place but NPC faces pressure
  • Data localisation in China and other APEC jurisdictions
  • Data portability under EU GDPR: A financial services perspective
  • 3rd parties under the Privacy Shield
  • Russia’s DPA raises its profile
  • Ashley Madison: Lessons for all
  • South Africa to appoint regulator
  • US issues self-driving car guidance
  • Privacy and trade agreements
  • Senegal enters DP arena
  • EU advice on Privacy Shield
  • Israel’s DPA issues guidance on audio recordings and CCTV
  • Ecuador introduces privacy bill
  • EU e-Privacy revision on its way
  • US Cyber-Insurance Bill proposed
  • Germany: GDPR Act leaked
  • Bavaria issues GDPR guidance
  • Ireland’s hearing on Standard Contractual Clauses in February