PL&B International, Issue 142
August 2016

Lead story:
Privacy Shield adopted but likely to face legal challenge

Improvements to the first version include better data retention provisions and an independent Ombudsman, but DPAs are still cautious.


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Also includes:

  • German privacy law can catch overseas businesses unaware
  • Next steps for the EU GDPR
  • Will Canada stay an ‘adequate’ jurisdiction under the EU GDPR?
  • Can data protection be combined with competition law?
  • New Zealand’s Chief Privacy Officer: What does he do?
  • Renewing Convention 108: The CoE’s ‘GDPR Lite’ initiatives
  • Risk-based approach to data security to continue under GDPR
  • Wearable technology slashes injury risks at FC Barcelona
  • Google steps up users’ control of personal data
  • Privacy focussed identity scheme
  • CJEU Amazon decision
  • EU DPAs call for e-Privacy law
  • EU Cyber Security Directive is adopted
  • CNIL gets results from formal notice to Microsoft
  • Belgian appeal court: Ireland’s DPA has Facebook jurisdiction
  • 18 months in jail for personal data theft in Israel
  • Schrems case aftermath scheduled for 2017 in Ireland
  • FTC fines Singapore-based company $950,000
  • MyTrackingChoices wins Catalan privacy award
  • EDPS: e-Privacy needs clarity and enforcement