PL&B International, Issue 141
June 2016

Lead story:
Turkey welcomes the long awaited Data Protection Law

The Law introduces an obligation to register and fines up to €300,000. Begüm Yavuzdoğan Okumuş examines Turkey’s new data protection law.


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Also includes:

  • Privacy enforcement begins in Singapore: Fines for lax security
  • GDPR countdown starts
  • Central and East European DPAs challenged by new technologies
  • UN Special Rapporteur on Privacy finds resources for his job
  • International transfers under GDPR: Key changes
  • Wearables and health apps need user trust and DPA acceptance
  • Philippines’ Privacy Commission
  • Consumer law strengthens data protection rights in Germany
  • Vietnam strengthens privacy
  • Top 10 tips for biometric data
  • Ireland challenges model clauses
  • Norway’s DPA lacks independence
  • European Privacy Seal for Quentry
  • Cayman Islands prepares DP bill
  • UN issues study on privacy
  • EU Cyber security Directive in force in August
  • Dynamic IP addresses can be personal data, CJEU says
  • EU revisits e-privacy Directive
  • UK Investigatory Powers Bill moves to Lords
  • Finland rules on employer email access
  • EDPS: Privacy Shield is not good enough