PL&B International, Issue 140
April 2016

Lead story:
German DPA takes action against Safe Harbor firms

Hamburg’s DPA is investigating and prepared to issue fines.


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Also includes:

  • EDPS nurtures consumer and DP/competition law cooperation
  • Belgian DPA vs Facebook update
  • Data portability in the EU and the Philippines
  • UN privacy rapporteur sets high standards, but lacks resources
  • Limits of US Judicial Redress Act
  • Taiwan implements its DP law
  • Germany criminalises trading ‘stolen’ data via the Internet
  • Your money or your life? Modi’s enactment of India’s ID law
  • GDPR’s extra-territoriality means trouble for cloud computing
  • The changing landscape for data processors under GDPR
  • EU-US Privacy Shield: Conflicts
  • US FTC, Canada sign MoU
  • Merck’s and Capgemini’s BCRs
  • German consumer law creates new DP rights
  • CNIL fines Google over ‘Right to be Forgotten’
  • EU-US Privacy Shield: Europeans’ complaints will take priority