PL&B International, Issue 127
February 2014

Lead story:
Obama’s speech does little to ease international concerns

Businesses need to think carefully where their data is stored in the cloud.


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Also includes:

  • EU DP Regulation: Deadline moved
  • South Korea’s major financial institutions suffer data breach
  • Global guide on Data Breach notification
  • EU Data Retention Directive
  • Japan appoints independent commission to supervise ID numbers
  • EU LIBE pushes for action on US Safe Harbor
  • US defends Safe Harbor
  • New online DP handbook
  • EPIC launches privacy browser
  • ‘Big Data Protection’ study
  • EU proposes directive on trade secrets
  • Cayman Islands DP Bill
  • US NTIA to develop facial recognition standards
  • Judges need more expertise in DP
  • Private sector uses of ‘public domain’ personal data in Asia
  • Taiwan’s privacy law: One year on
  • Interview with Peter Hustinx, EDPS
  • The future of privacy
  • US seeks to control data brokers
  • India’s data protection impasse
  • Tanzania’s Data Protection Bill
  • In search of a global framework for international data transfers