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EU competence in data protection generally advantageous to the UK

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19/12/2014 by:

The Ministry of Justice’s Balance of Competences report on access to information and data protection says that stakeholders think EU data protection rules have had a positive impact on the UK. Respondents to this call for evidence which evaluates...

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UK government adopts draft Brexit withdrawal agreement

15/11/2018 by:

Last night, the cabinet agreed a draft withdrawal agreement on the UK’s exit from, and future relationship with the European Union. In terms of data protection, the documents reaffirms the UK government’s commitment to a high level of data...

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DP law takes leading position in Political Declaration on future EU/UK relationship

23/11/2018 by:

Data protection law has a very prominent position in the Political Declaration setting out the future relationship between the EU and the UK in the first section covering the basis for cooperation. The data protection section is immediately after...

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