ICO consults on future plans


The ICO has issued a document outlining its future priorities and is asking stakeholders’ views. The ICO says that the main challenges will be a greater workload created by the fact that information rights are growing in importance, funding cuts, and the forthcoming EU DP Regulation.

The ICO says it will investigate when a number of complaints from individuals indicates that there is a problem. Systemic problems will be addressed ahead of individual lapses. The ICO is keen to cooperate with other DPAs and regulators to lessen its work load and co-ordinate enforcement. It is also conducting some work on trust marks and privacy seals.

The ICO will publish its final thoughts in March, alongside its corporate plan for 2014-17.

The consultation, available at  http://www.ico.org.uk/about_us/consultations/~/media/documents/
  closes on 7 February 2014.


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