Belgium approves BCR for J.P.Morgan's international transfers


The Belgian Data Protection Authority (DPA) approved, mid-March, J.P Morgan’s Binding Corporate Rules (BCR) application for its international transfers. This was made possible by a protocol agreed between the DPA and the Belgian Ministry of Justice on 13 July 2011.

Although BCRs have been used before in Belgium, this is the first time international transfers via Binding Corporate Rules have been approved. There is still a need for a Royal Decree but the process has been simplified. The new protocol involves the adoption of an individual Royal Decree ("acte individuel" / "individuele bestuurshandeling") using a standardised template. This instrument does not require prior review by the Finance Inspectorate and the Council of State.

The Protocol can be seen at
Read about the protocol and the new process in PL&B International Report issue 113 (October/November 2011), p.1. Back issues available from PL&B at £75 by going to



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