International E-news - February 2010

  1. European Union set to revise the DP Directive
  2. New EU controller-processor contractual clauses

1. European Union set to revise the DP Directive

Incoming EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding has announced plans to modernise the EU Data Protection  Directive.

She said in a speech to the European Parliament on 28 January: “The European Commission is currently analysing the over 160 responses to the public consultation on the reform of the General Data Protection Directive. I can tell you that most responses call for stronger and more consistent data protection legislation across the Union. We will carefully assess all responses and prepare a future proposal in line with the Lisbon Treaty and the Charter of Fundamental Rights.”

Reding said that the EU needs to clarify the application of some key rules and principles - such as consent and transparency - and ensure that personal data are protected regardless of the location of the data controller. She also supported stronger enforcement powers. She referred to the amendments to the e-Privacy Directive, which  include a breach notification duty for the telecoms sector, saying: “Moreover in the coming months I intend to address in the context of the reform of the EU's General Data Protection Directive the issue of broader application of notification requirements so that they apply also beyond electronic communication networks.”

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2. New EU controller-processor contractual clauses

The EU has revised its controller-processor contractual clauses for the transfer of personal data to processors established in non-EU countries. The decision, taken on 5 February, will allow sub-processing under certain conditions, and will thus facilitate outsourcing.

Read more about this topic in the February issue of PL&B International, to be published next week.

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