News stories posted during January 2018

e-privacy Regulation not ready to coincide with GDPR implementation

25/01/2018 by:

It is hoped that the Trilogue on the EU e-privacy Regulation will start after the summer recess, the rapporteur for the European Parliament on e-privacy Regulation, MEP Birgitta Sippel said yesterday at the CPDP conference in Brussels. She said th...

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ICO will take proportionate approach to GDPR fines

26/01/2018 by:

The ICO is not planning to issue fines in every circumstance when it detects a breach of the GDPR (or implementing legislation), ICO’s Steve Eckersley said at the CDPD conference in Brussels. Eckersley stated that the ICO will also have other...

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UK is a 3rd country for data transfers from 30 March 2019

10/01/2018 by:

In a notice issued yesterday, the EU Commission makes clear that ‘in view of the considerable uncertainties, in particular concerning the content of a possible withdrawal agreement, all stakeholders processing personal data are reminded of legal...

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