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Belgian Court rules for Belgium’s Data Protection Commission against Facebook

23/02/2018 by:

In a decisive ruling, the Brussels Court of First Instance ruled on 16th February in an 84 page judgement that Facebook must stop placing cookies on users’ computers unless: 1 - It has informed users “in a clear and comprehensive manner, fully and...

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Buttarelli gives the post-Brexit options for the UK and insights into the EU DP Board

23/02/2018 by:

Giovanni Buttarelli, European Data Protection Supervisor, in London yesterday, explained that Elizabeth Denham, UK Information Commissioner, has been working hard to explore different scenarios to ensure that the UK will continue working as a...

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New ICO notification fees up to £2,900

21/02/2018 by:

The government has published the format for new notification fees to fund the ICO’s work from 25 May onwards when the GDPR enters into force. The new structure was laid before Parliament on 20 February as a Statutory Instrument. Until 25 May,...

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Telecom Italy fined 840,000 euros for marketing calls without consent

20/02/2018 by:

The Garante, Italy’s Data Protection Commission, has issued an administrative fine of Euros 840,000 for breaching Italy’s Privacy Code. Telecom Italia had made promotional telephone calls without consent to former customers who had not given...

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Prime Minister stresses the importance of data protection

19/02/2018 by:

The government is ready to start talking through data protection arrangements with the EU for when the UK is no longer in the European Union. In a speech delivered at a security conference on 17 February, Prime Minister Theresa May said that we mu...

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