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Mutual EU-Japan adequacy decision now in force

23/01/2019 by:

The adequacy framework for the transfer of personal data between Japan and the European Union, the first on a mutual basis, has been adopted and applies to both sides as of today, 23 January 2019. Haruhi Kumazawa, Personal Information Protection...

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Google fined €50 million in France for GDPR breach about consent

21/01/2019 by:

France’s Data Protection Authority, the CNIL, has today announced a 50 million euro fine on Google LLC for lack of transparency, inadequate information and lack of valid consent regarding the  personalisation of advertisements. The case was...

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ICO consults on its proposed Freedom of Information strategy

16/01/2019 by:

The ICO continues to promote the reform of access to information legislation so it remains fit for purpose. Later this month, the ICO will publish a report to Parliament in order to make recommendations for change in relation to outsourced public...

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The UK will have to renegotiate data protection relationships with EEA countries

08/01/2019 by:

PL&B has today received reassurances from the government about the UK’s future relationship with the EU. As a response to a letter by PL&B CEO, Stewart Dresner, to the Prime Minister and other ministers arguing that from a data protection point of...

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Government issues draft data protection legislation to deal with Brexit

02/01/2019 by:

The draft legislation, The data protection, privacy and electronic communications (amendments etc) (EU exit) regulations 2019 , have been prepared to ensure that the UK data protection legal framework continues to function correctly after Brexit....

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