GDPR Help! Roundtable


HSBC, London



This Roundtable will be the 7th in a series which began in November 2016. See information on the most recent series.

Company data protection managers will exchange experience on integrating the GDPR into their everyday operations:

  • The practical steps they have been taking
  • Plans they are prioritising to continue to maintain their momentum

Now the GDPR has been adopted, members of the group agreed to hold this follow-up session to discuss their progress at a point 6 months after the GDPR fully applied. The PL&B team produces a report after each roundtable which summarises the issues and action points without identifying the names of organisations or those reporting on their experience.

The anonymity of this arrangement gives everyone involved the confidence to speak freely, particularly as regulators are not invited to join the discussion.

This series is hosted by companies rather than law firms to ensure that the emphasis is on practical experience rather than legal advice.

If you are interested in joining this or a future session, please contact us.