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PL&B’s tables of 120 national data privacy laws and 31 national draft laws now available
February 28, 2017

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PL&B’s tables of 120 national data privacy laws
and 31 national draft laws now available

You can now buy the 5th edition of PL&B’s unique separate tables of data privacy laws and draft laws with a commentary by their compiler, Professor Graham Greenleaf, Privacy Laws & Business’s Asia-Pacific Editor.

The number of laws has increased by 10% in the last two years so that this 5th edition now lists 120 national data privacy laws and 31 national draft laws. By buying this special edition, you will be alerted to the countries where you need to take action.

The commentary

  • names the 11 countries with new laws and explains their major characteristics,
  • analyses trends regarding international data privacy agreements, such as those promoted by the African Union Convention and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, and 
  • provides full references and acknowledgements.

Everyone who buys this special edition will also receive in April an updated version with the second part of the commentary analysing the growth of the networks in which DPAs are involved.

The tables show for each jurisdiction

1. the name of the jurisdiction

2. the name of the law or draft law

3. the date of the original draft law and the date of the most recent version

4. the region to which the jurisdiction belongs

5. their membership of organisations such as the Council of Europe and Mercosur, the trade
    bloc of five Latin American countries

6. whether the law covers the private sector, public sector or both

7. the name of the national Data Protection Authority (DPA)

8. the Data Protection Authority Association(s) to which the DPA belongs, such as the Global
    Privacy Enforcement Network

9. for draft laws, their current status.

Keep up to date

Everyone who buys this 120 national laws special edition will be kept informed of minor updates by e-mail.

Licence fee

We encourage you to distribute this special edition throughout your organisation. The license fee of £150 (plus 20% VAT in the United Kingdom) is for organisations with fewer than 500 employees worldwide. The fee for organisations with 500+ employees worldwide is £300 (plus 20% VAT in the United Kingdom).

This publication is available from Privacy Laws & Business by e-mailing Glenn Daif-Burns, General Manager, at He will send you an invoice and this fee may be paid by payment card or by bank to bank transfer. You will be e-mailed the publication after PL&B receives your payment.

Print version

You may order a customised print and/or pdf version with your logo for distribution to your clients or other groups. Contact Glenn to discuss your specific needs.

This e-mail marks the end of February, PL&B’s 30th Anniversary month. You will derive additional value from:

  • GDPR and Retailing, PL&B’s one day conference on online and offline retailing with law firm DWF in London on 4th May – and

  • Promoting Privacy with Innovation, PL&B’s 30th Anniversary International Conference 3-5 July at St. John’s College, Cambridge for which you can see a list of 35 speakers from 15 countries at

We will keep you informed of our other future events. Meanwhile, we look forward to helping you keep up to date with data protection laws and draft laws around the world and their impact on business via either this special edition or a subscription to PL&B International Report or PL&B United Kingdom Report -

Best Regards

Stewart Dresner
Chief Executive

Privacy Laws & Business
2nd Floor
Monument House
215 Marsh Road
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)20 8868 9200
Fax: +44 (0)20 8868 5215

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