PL&B 30th Anniversary
International Conference

Promoting Privacy with Innovation

3 – 5 July 2017
St. John's College
Cambridge, UK





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50 speakers from 15 countries:


  • Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner, ICO, UK

  • Mar España Martí, Director, AEPD, Spain

  • Helen Dixon, DP Commissioner, Ireland (GDPR: A new era for data protection accountability and regulation)

  • Brenda Kwok, Chief Legal Counsel, Privacy Commission for Personal Data, Hong Kong (How Hong Kong’s Privacy Commission balances privacy principles with pragmatism)

  • Kristin Benedikt, Head of Department Telemedia, Data Protection Authority for the Private Sector, Bavaria, Germany (1. Conducting an enquiry and negotiating rules on Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default for Smart TVs 2. How Germany’s Data Protection Authorities are investigating 500 companies’ transfers of personal data outside the European Economic Area)

  • Giovanni Buttarelli, European Data Protection Supervisor (The transition from the EU Art. 29 Data Protection Working Party to the EU Data Protection Board; The role of the Digital Rights Clearinghouse and its impact on companies)

  • Wojceich Wiewiórowski, Assistant European Data Protection Supervisor, Belgium (Fair and lawful processing: Understanding the logic behind Artificial Intelligence algorithms)

  • Bruno Gencarelli, Head of the Data Protection Unit, European Commission, Belgium

  • Karolina Mojzesowicz, Deputy Head, Data Protection Unit, European Commission, Belgium


  • Neil Harrison, General Counsel, Group and Asia and Kevin Willis, Group Data Privacy Director and Aviva UK Digital General Counsel, Aviva, UK (Transforming privacy law hurdles into opportunities when creating new digital financial services)

  • Henry Velásquez Yanez, EU-International Privacy Officer & Compliance Manager, CIGNA, Spain (Promoting Innovation in Health Insurance; Protecting the Privacy of Individuals in an International Setting)

  • Belinda Doshi, Lead Privacy Counsel, GDPR Programme, State Street, UK (GDPR management software)

  • Ivan Nabalon, CEO, Electronic IDentification, Spain (Fintech online identification: Solutions and challenges)

  • Olga Ganapolsky, General Counsel - Privacy and Data Legal and Governance - Group Legal, Commercial, Macquarie Group, Australia (The GDPR and beyond – on the road to trust and global interoperability)

  • Tom Widgery, Head of Privacy, SVB Financial Group, Santa Clara, USA (Adapting the GDPR’s Information Governance and DP Officer requirements to your company)

  • Tina Maisonneuve, Global Privacy Counsel, Glaxo Smith Kline, UK (DIY privacy, Privacy by Design and accountability)

  • Peter Fleischer, Google (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Combining innovation and privacy compliance)

  • Leena Kuusniemi, Senior Legal Counsel, Rovio, Finland (A practical roadmap towards the GDPR)

  • Pal Vaczi, Senior Privacy Lawyer, BT, UK (The revision of the EU e-Privacy Directive)

  • Carolyn Robson, Etihad Aviation Group, (Heat maps and hard stats: Using risk methodology to manage privacy)

  • Kabir Barday, OneTrust, USA (GDPR management software)

  • Georg Krog, Co-founder & Chief Data Protection & Privacy Officer, Signatu, Norway (Documenting consent using privacy policy software)

  • Kevin Shepherdson, CEO, Straits Interactive, Singapore (Enabling Operational Compliance)

  • Emma Butler, Data Protection Officer, YOTI, UK (Privacy and innovative routes towards biometric identification)

  • Jason McFall, Chief Technology Officer, Privitar (How privacy engineering helps minimise privacy risk and enables the wider use of personal data)

  • Andreas Klug, Global Head of Privacy and Group Privacy Officer, Worldpay, UK (Data Philanthropy: Using data for the common good)

  • Mark Keddie, Chief Privacy Officer, BT Group, UK

Law firms

  • Bryan Chan, Senior Counsel, Linklaters, China, and Richard Cumbley, Partner, Linklaters, UK (New data privacy and cyber security legislation in China: Contrasts with Europe)

  • Robert Belair, Partner, Arnall Golden Gregory, Washington DC, USA (The Trump Presidency and its impact on the USA and globally; Privacy law challenges in the US from social media and other pervasive surveillance)

  • Paul Lavery, Partner, McCann FitzGerald, Dublin, Ireland (Ireland as a jurisdiction for data protection litigation)

  • Javier Fernandez-Samaniego, Managing Director, Samaniego, Spain (Fintech online identification: Solutions and challenges)

  • Philip Woolfson, Partner, Steptoe, Belgium (Promoting Innovation in Health Insurance; Protecting the Privacy of Individuals in an International Setting)

  • Giles Pratt, Partner, Freshfields, UK (Managing data privacy risks and Intellectual Property rights in connected devices and systems)

  • Nigel Parker, Partner, Allen & Overy, UK (DIY privacy, Privacy by Design and accountability)

  • Rob Sumroy, Partner, Slaughter and May, UK (Transforming privacy law hurdles into opportunities when creating new digital financial services)

  • John Benjamin, Partner, DWF, UK (Data Philanthropy: Using data for the common good)

  • JP Buckley, Senior Associate, DLA Piper, UK (Managing contracts with vendors and customers)

  • Jurgen Hartung, Partner, Oppenhoff & Partner, Germany

  • Nick Graham, Partner, Dentons, UK

  • Gail Crawford, Partner, Latham & Watkins, UK

Academics and Foundations

  • Professor Joseph Cannataci, Chair in European Information Policy & Technology Law, United Nations, Malta/Netherlands (United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy: A Progress report)

  • Dr David Erdos, Lecturer in Law and the Open Society, University of Cambridge, UK (Data protection law liability and user generated content: Ways forward under the GDPR)

  • Paul Simmonds, CEO, The Global Identity Foundation (New identity "solutions": The questions everyone should ask)

  • Christopher Millard, Professor of Privacy and Information Law, Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary, University of London

Privacy Laws & Business

  • Stewart Dresner, Chief Executive (Promoting Privacy with Innovation)

  • Professor Graham Greenleaf, Asia-Pacific Editor (Global data privacy law trends; Half day parallel session on data privacy law developments in 6 Asian countries)

  • Valerie Taylor, Consultant (Managing contracts with vendors and customers)

  • Laura Linkomies, Editor, Privacy Laws & Business Reports

  • Tom Cooper,  Deputy Editor, Privacy Laws & Business Reports

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Please note: we will be filming and taking photos at the conference and you may be included.

CPD Points:

Each day's attendance qualifies for 7 CPD points. Every Privacy Laws & Business event qualifies for accredited CPD hours for the purposes of the England and Wales Solicitors Regulation Authority’s requirements. Please quote AQJ/PLBU when applying for the points with the SRA.


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“I think that the conference had an interesting and broad range of speakers and topics.
It provided enough time to network and the venue is amazing. Absolutely beautiful.”
Joke Ruwen, ESOMAR, the Netherlands

“Very useful, well worth the time and expense, lots of practical advice.
Good balance between theory and practice.”
Eyal Roy Sage, AYR Lawyers, Israel

“Excellent! Outstanding location, panel of speakers and topics. I noticed the difference from other privacy conferences in that this was far more intellectual, and both speakers
and attendees were highly qualified professionals.”
Senior Counsel, Data Privacy, a multinational pharmaceutical company

“I truly enjoyed the entire conference, as it had really good content and speakers and because of the smaller setting, it is a really great way to meet other privacy professionals.
I honestly believe it was the best privacy conference I have been to and hope to join again next year.”
An EMEA Counsel, A major cloud provider

“The ability to see and hear from regulators and senior players in the field in a relaxed and intimate setting is unmatched. The chance to see the regulators interact
and speak at close range, and the chance to chat with them over tea.”
Chief Privacy Officer, a US-based bank

“Good overview of where to focus on in coming year. Very helpful case studies.”
Lawyer, a security software company, Belgium

"The social aspects were really good and fun. It was easy to socialise both on a business level
as on a more personal level”
Joke Ruwen, ESOMAR, the Netherlands

“Great environment to learn and share experiences”
General Counsel - Privacy and Data, a multinational bank

“Valuable. There are people I have seen speak at other conferences for years;
here I was able to sit and speak with them at dinner”
Chief Privacy Officer, a US-based bank

Lanx Goh, Manager (Enforcement), Personal Data Protection Commission, Singapore

Lawyer, a security software company, Belgium

“Absolutely wonderful – a great way to network”
Global Privacy Associate, a multinational pharmaceutical company 

A unique summer-school atmosphere

The conference is held at St John’s College, Cambridge, where participants will enjoy the excellent refurbished facilities at the new conference centre. Come and experience a classic Cambridge college and walk across the Bridge of Sighs.

This residential conference is an opportunity to enjoy a unique friendly summer school atmosphere, while mingling with a group of Data Protection Commissioners, privacy managers, specialist lawyers and academics from many countries.

The conference brings you into close contact with privacy regulators, challenges conventional wisdom, offers good networking experience and provides excellent value for money. 


“An excellent way to understand the issues and how they are seen by practitioners and regulators in numerous jurisdictions”
Olga Ganopolsky, Maquirie, Australia

“Many congratulations on a hugely successful conference. PL&B still setting the standard after all these years!”
Scott Singer, Dentons, UK

“Outstanding conference to learn DP Law and connect with experts.”
Pablo Palazzi, Allende & Brea, Argentina

“This is truly one of the most informative, sophisticated and forward looking data privacy conferences I have attended.”
Elizabeth Denham, Information and Privacy Commissioner of BC, Canada

“An excellent opportunity to meet experts in the field and share ideas with other people in similar in-house positions to ourselves.”
Marilyn Sieff, Amadeus, Spain

“The Privacy Laws and Business Annual International Conference provides real depth and breadth on all the important privacy issues, and a chance to mix with many different industry specialists.  As well as giving a thorough understanding of how the privacy world is today, it also (and more importantly) gives you real insight into where it is heading.”
Janet Lane, Experian, UK

"It was a fantastic conference - all the talks first class and the delegates all very knowledgeable... highest quality privacy debate from dawn to dusk!”
Marcus Evans, Norton Rose Fulbright, UK

“The conference was engaging, interesting and enjoyable plus a great opportunity to network
and pick up useful tips and guidance”
Helen Gourdin, DIAGEO, UK


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