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Current Issue

PL&B UK, Issue 93 | September 2017

Lead story:
The future of data protection law and enforcement in light of Brexit

In the summer, the government expressed its thoughts about the UK’s future DP law. Nicola Fulford and Gemma Lockyer of Kemp Little LLP look at the derogations from the GDPR. ...more

Back Issues

PL&B UK, Issue 92 | July 2017

Lead story:
Beware of over caution when implementing Privacy by Design

While getting consent is important when designing in data ­protection, does it really protect privacy? ...more

PL&B UK, Issue 91 | May 2017

Lead story:
UK marketers call for more guidance on GDPR compliance

ICO consent guidance consultation stirs emotions and receives 300 responses. Final version is promised by June. ...more

PL&B UK, Issue 90 | March 2017

Lead story:
UK Court of Appeal limits exemptions to access rights

Marcus Evans and Yasmin Lilley explain the importance of this recent court decision in the Dawson-Damer case. ...more

PL&B UK, Issue 89 | January 2017

Lead story:
GDPR – a useful tool and status changer for DPOs

Beverley Flynn reports on the changing status of Data Protection Officers under the EU General Data Protection Regulation. ...more