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“As a lawyer responsible for privacy compliance, I look to Privacy Laws & Business to help keep me current on legal and policy developments in privacy from around the world.”
Peter Fleischer, Google

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The International Report will help you to:-stay informed of recent data protection legislative developments around the world

-learn from others’ experience through interviews and analysis

-be informed of best practice and compliance solutions

-find out about future regulatory plans

-be on the pulse of future privacy issues that will affect your organisation’s data protection compliance

-understand how international regulation works and what it will mean to you

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Six issues of each Report (UK and International) are published annually.
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Access PL&B International and/or United Kingdom Report back issues (International editions back to July 1998 and all the United Kingdom editions since the start in December 2000).

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Access PL&B special reports, such as Data privacy laws in 89 countries and an 86 page book on Data Privacy Laws in the Asia-Pacific.

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"PL&B’s International Report is a powerhouse of information that provides relevant insight
across a variety of jurisdictions in a timely manner

Mark Keddie, Chief Privacy Officer, BT Retail, UK

"I particularly like the short and concise nature of the Privacy Laws & Business Reports,
I never leave home without a copy, and value the printed copies,
as I like to read them whilst on my daily train journey into work
Steve Wright, Chief Privacy Officer, Unilever, UK

"Good lay out with well written articles, very useful digest of the hot topics"
Kathleen Fadden, Associate General Counsel, Amgen, Switzerland

"I’ve found the PL&B International Report to be an invaluable resource in helping me to
keep up with privacy developments worldwide."

Mike Hintze, Associate General Counsel, Microsoft

“For over 15 years, I have read PL&B Reports to keep up with the developments and changes in regulations and laws.
We can adapt our programs and anticipate international changes which will impact our business.”
Iris Schrecker, Senior Vice President, Compliance, DVB Bank  

"PL&B’s International reports ensure that I am aware of any changes affecting privacy,
and how they may impact our  company or our services throughout our global presence.
A vital and valuable source of information.
Philip Jeffs, Regional Compliance Officer EMEA & Americas , ATPI, UK


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Current Issue

PL&B International, Issue 143 | October 2016

Lead story:
EU-US Privacy Shield put into practice

Some 200 companies had been certified towards the end of September. Axel Spies discusses the challenges already encountered and also what lies ahead of us. ...more

Back Issues

PL&B International, Issue 142 | August 2016

Lead story:
Privacy Shield adopted but likely to face legal challenge

Improvements to the first version include better data retention provisions and an independent Ombudsman, but DPAs are still cautious. ...more

PL&B International, Issue 141 | June 2016

Lead story:
Turkey welcomes the long awaited Data Protection Law

The Law introduces an obligation to register and fines up to €300,000. Begüm Yavuzdoğan Okumuş examines Turkey’s new data protection law. ...more

PL&B International, Issue 140 | April 2016

Lead story:
German DPA takes action against Safe Harbor firms

Hamburg’s DPA is investigating and prepared to issue fines. ...more

PL&B International, Issue 139 | February 2016

Lead story:
From Safe Harbor to Privacy Shield: Where are we now?

EU Commissioner Věra Jourová hopes that the new arrangement for transatlantic data transfers will be in force in approximately three months’ time. ...more