News stories posted during 2012

ICO sets its priority areas for 2012: Finance and health sectors under spotlight

09/01/2012 by:

The Information Commissioner published on 29th December his Information Rights Strategy which reveals that the ICO will in the next 12 months concentrate its efforts in the following areas; 1.       Health 2.       Credit and finance 3.      ...

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ICO welcomes proposals for an EU Data Protection Regulation with reservations

26/01/2012 by:

The ICO has welcomed the proposals for a general DP regulation, published  by the European Commission on  25 January, and says that they go a long way towards the requirements that the ICO had in mind. The proposals that promote accountability wil...

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Christopher Graham elected as Vice Chair of the EU Article 29 DP Working Party

08/02/2012 by:

The EU’s Data Protection Working Party, at its meeting of 1-2 February, elected the UK Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, as its Vice Chair. The other Vice Chair is Igor Nemec, President of the of the Czech Republic's Office for Persona...

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UK Government seeks views on EU DP proposals

08/02/2012 by:

The United Kingdom Ministry of Justice launched, on 7 February, an evidence gathering exercise on the EU Commission’s proposals for a Data Protection Regulation and Directive. The government is keen to hear practical, day-to-day examples of the...

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Survey measures attitudes towards EU DP proposals

22/02/2012 by:

Law firm Allen & Overy's London office has launched a survey to gather stakeholders’ views on the EU proposals for a Data Protection Regulation. The survey includes 22 multiple choice questions ranging from explicit consent, right to be forgotten...

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ICO seeks views on its 3-year plan

27/02/2012 by:

The Information Commissioner's Office is currently consulting on the practical steps it intends to take in order to achieve its strategic outcomes. Projects for 2012-2015 include: 1. implementing online registration and payment by September 2012,...

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UK ICO analysis on proposed EU DP Regulation: Too much red tape for companies

29/02/2012 by:

The United Kingdom's Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) thinks that the proposals for an EU Data Protection Regulation are too prescriptive and may lead to data protection being regarded simply as a form-filling exercise. While the ICO welcom...

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CBI: EU DP proposals harmful for UK business

20/03/2012 by:

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has criticised the European Commission’s data protection proposals, saying that the proposed regulation will threaten many innovative business models which rely on data sharing to generate revenue. The C...

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MPs: Search engines need to act now on web screening in order to avoid legislation

29/03/2012 by:

A Parliamentary Committee looking at the balance between privacy and freedom of expression recommends that the law must apply equally to all forms of media: print, broadcast and online. MPs say that material that infringes individuals’ privacy...

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ICO outlines its position on US Patriot Act requests

02/04/2012 by:

Following a recent ICO seminar on cloud computing, the ICO says that ‘under normal circumstances a cloud provider is the data processor on behalf of the cloud client who is the data controller’. However, cloud providers that are asked to release...

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ICO condemns partial release of Operation Motorman files

18/04/2012 by:

The ICO has said that it was an irresponsible act to publish details of more than 1,000 alleged requests by News International journalists to the private investigator Steve Whittamore. The requests for information were for ex-directory telephone...

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ICO issues first NHS fine

30/04/2012 by:

Several National Health Service (NHS) Trusts have received Undertakings from the ICO, but on 30 April  the regulator issued the Aneurin Bevan Health Board (ABHB) a penalty of £70,000, making ABHB the first NHS organisation to be served a civil...

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Government announces draft bill on monitoring of communications data

09/05/2012 by:

The Queen’s speech on 9 May included a mention of a draft communications data bill: ‘My government intends to bring forward measures to maintain the ability of the law enforcement and intelligence agencies to access vital communications data under...

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ICO: rules apply to placement of cookies on all devices

16/05/2012 by:

The ICO’s most recent advice, this month, is that in the long term, it expects organisations’ websites to be compliant with the cookie law, irrespective of the device they are viewed on. In other words, it will expect organisations to offer the sa...

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Poor data destruction of sexual health and staff data leads to £325,000 highest ever fine by UK ICO

01/06/2012 by:

The UK Information Commissioner (ICO) announced today a record fine of £325,000 on Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust over failure to properly dispose of around 1,000 computer hard drives. As a result, 252 hard drives,...

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Linklaters obtains Binding Corporate Rules approval

13/06/2012 by:

Linklaters’ Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) were approved by the UK Information Commissioner on 1 June 2012, making it the first law firm to achieve this approval. The ICO acted as the lead authority with the Belgian Privacy Commission and Data...

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Government publishes draft Communications Data Bill

18/06/2012 by:

The draft Communications Data Bill would give intelligence services and the police new, extensive powers to monitor communications data (subscriber data, use data and traffic data). While RIPA (The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act) already...

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UK businesses worried about future DP administrative burdens

28/06/2012 by:

The summary of responses to the Ministry of Justice’s call for evidence on the European Commission's proposed data protection legislation reveals that a large number of respondents thought that the proposed Regulation would represent an...

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ICO gets ready to fine the worst PECR offenders

05/07/2012 by:

The UK Information Commissioner's Office, the ICO, says that it is working towards identifying the worst offenders against the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations. In the past year, it received 7,000 complaints about unsolicited phon...

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BA in spotlight over customer privacy

12/07/2012 by:

British Airways (BA)  plans to research passengers using Google search prior to their flights. The search of images would facilitate British Airways team to ‘recognise specific customers so they can be proactively approached’.  A British Airways...

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Consultation on EU DP proposals open until 20 August

20/07/2012 by:

The Justice Select Committee is asking for written evidence for its new inquiry into the EU Data Protection Framework Proposals. The Justice Select Committee will give its opinion to the European Scrutiny Committee on the EU Commission’s proposals...

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UK ICO says Google may be in breach of its Street View Undertaking

27/07/2012 by:

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) announced today that Google has now confirmed it still has some additional payload data from the UK and other countries collected by its Street View cars prior to May 2010. Google said in 2010 that it...

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ICO takes further enforcement action using all available tools

13/08/2012 by:

On 6 August the ICO issued a monetary penalty of £175,000 on Torbay Care Trust after sensitive personal information relating to 1,373 employees was published on the Trust’s website. The spreadsheet included personal data, such as names, pay scales...

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ICO not quite ready yet to enforce cookie rules

14/08/2012 by:

A Freedom of Information request by PC Pro reveals that even though the ICO has received tips about 320 websites’ possible non-compliance, reported via the ICO's online submission tool, the authority is not yet in position to investigate the...

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BIS consults on new right of access to consumer data

16/08/2012 by:

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has launched a consultation on giving consumers the right to access their data in portable, machine-readable form, and making companies provide access to that information. The proposals woul...

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Two thirds of top UK websites have taken steps to address cookie regulations

10/09/2012 by:

According to a TRUSTe study, nearly two in three top UK websites have implemented at least some measures to address the e-Privacy Directive and its cookie clause. TRUSTe, provider of online privacy trustmarks and services, looked at 231 UK website...

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ICO imposes fine of £250,000 and warns about shoddy outsourcing deals

11/09/2012 by:

Scottish Borders Council has been fined £250,000 for losing former employees’ pension records. Some 600 files containing personal information - in some cases salary and bank account details - were found in a supermarket paper recycling bank.  The...

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UK government lobbies for a general DP Directive

19/09/2012 by:

Giving evidence on 17 September to the House of Commons Justice Select Committee on the EU Commission's data protection proposals, Lord McNally, Secretary of State, made it clear that the government wants to see a Directive instead of a directly...

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ICO: Cloud customers have responsibility for DP compliance in most cases

02/10/2012 by:

The ICO has published new guidance on cloud computing, which confirms that organisations remain, in most cases, responsible for how their personal data is handled, even if they pass it to cloud service providers. The ICO stresses the importance of...

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100 organisations express interest in moving Privacy by Design from rhetoric to reality

05/10/2012 by:

Privacy Laws & Business’s workshop Privacy by Design: From Rhetoric to Reality, gathered together in London yesterday more than 100 representatives of businesses, law firms, government agencies and academia who were keen to learn how to introduce...

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ICO to give evidence to Parliament on draft Communications Data Bill

10/10/2012 by:

The Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, will give evidence in Parliament on the draft Communications Data Bill next Tuesday, 16 October. Other witnesses that will appear before the Committee next week include Sir Paul Kennedy, Intercepti...

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ICO: Draft Communications Data Bill would only catch incompetent criminals

17/10/2012 by:

Giving evidence yesterday at Parliament’s Joint Committee on the draft Communications Data Bill, the Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, said that it is questionable whether the Bill’s objective, providing access to communications data f...

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Parliament's Justice Committee: EU DP proposals not practicable nor affordable

02/11/2012 by:

MPs largely agree with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and the government over the proposals for an EU Data Protection Regulation, saying that the proposals are too prescriptive in their present form.  ‘The Commission needs to go back ...

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ICO consults on changes to notification system

05/11/2012 by:

Despite the fact that the EU DP draft Regulation proposes to abolish notification, the ICO intends to quickly improve its register of data controllers. The ICO says that it wishes to make it easier for those who need to notify and to make the publ...

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ICO seeks input on privacy seals

08/11/2012 by:

The ICO thinks that privacy seals could be a way forward in improving data protection compliance and customers’ privacy awareness, and has launched an online questionnaire to gather views from organisations. The ICO wants to find out • the best wa...

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ICO fines Prudential for inaccurate data

09/11/2012 by:

The ICO fined Prudential £50,000 on 6 November for a failure to keep customer data accurate. The ICO, which has so far mostly fined public sector organisations, says that this is a warning to the financial sector. Prudential’s data breach occurred...

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ICO publishes anonymisation code

21/11/2012 by:

The Information Commissioner’s Office’s (ICO) new Anonymisation Code of Practice aims to manage the risks involved with publishing large datasets as per the government’s open data agenda. However, the code will help all organisations that need to...

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UK government: EU DP Regulation would mean additional costs for business

26/11/2012 by:

The Ministry of Justice estimates that the cost burdens the EU DP Regulation would impose far outweigh the net benefits suggested by the EU Commission. The Ministry says that the annual net cost to UK business (in 2012-13 earnings terms) would be...

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ICO slams a £440,000 fine on spam texters

28/11/2012 by:

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has for the first time used its powers to issue monetary penalties under the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR). It fined two owners of a marketing company £440,000 for sending...

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ICO seeks views on its draft Subject Access Code

14/12/2012 by:

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) plans to publish a code of practice on Subject Access next April in order to clarify how data controllers can best comply. The code will promote good practice and show how to meet the DP Act’s requiremen...

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