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The ICO retains its international outlook

19/10/2017 by:

PL&B attended an IAPP event in London at Dentons on 17 October with Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham, who made comments on several international issues. The ICO wants to stay involved with the EU Art. 29 Data Protection Working Party...

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Lords predict many amendments to draft Data Protection Bill

11/10/2017 by:

The draft Data Protection Bill, which received its second reading in the House of Lords yesterday, will combine the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the so-called Police Directive into one legislative package, which makes the bill...

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ICO welcomes draft DP Bill and commitment to GDPR

10/10/2017 by:

Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, says that she welcomes the government’s intention to implement the GDPR but her general approach to derogations is to introduce them only when they are necessary for the effective functioning of the GDPR...

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Government introduces Data Protection Bill in House of Lords

14/09/2017 by:

The Data Protection Bill was introduced into the House of Lords on 13 September 2017. It will replace the Data Protection Act 1998 and implement the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Bill differs from the GDPR in that it covers, in...

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ICO issues GDPR draft guidance on contracts and liabilities

13/09/2017 by:

The document, published today, and currently open for consultation, explains contracts and liabilities between controllers and processors under the GDPR. The ICO says that contracts must state details of the processing, such as the nature and...

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