News stories posted during December 2016

DPAs to issue GDPR guidance by the end of December

01/12/2016 by:

EU Data Protection Authorities are promising to issue the first parts of their guidance on the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) soon after their plenary meeting on 12-13 December. Guidance can be expected on Data Protection Officers (DPOs), da...

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Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner, demands extending FOI to companies providing services to the public sector

13/12/2016 by:

The ICO will submit a report to Parliament next year arguing the need to extend the Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) to apply to outsourcing in the public sector. This would bring private sector companies providing services to public sector...

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Leaked EU proposal: Regulation for the revision of e-Privacy Directive

14/12/2016 by:

The EU Commission’s draft proposal for the revision of the e-Privacy Directive suggests GDPR-style fines and a Regulation, directly applicable in all the European Union Member States, rather than a Directive. While the formal proposal is expected ...

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DP Minister: Government will consult on GDPR derogations

15/12/2016 by:

Speaking in Parliament on 12 December, Data Protection Minister, Matt Hancock, confirmed that the government is now working on the overall approach and the details of EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implementation. “Details of any new...

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EU DPAs issue GDPR guidance on data portability, DPOs and lead authority

16/12/2016 by:

The EU Article 29 Data Protection Working Party adopted, during its 12-13 December meeting: • Guidelines and FAQs on the right to Data Portability, • Guidelines and FAQs on Data Protection Officers (DPOs) and • Guidelines and FAQs on the Lead...

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