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International Data Protection:

CNIL gives Facebook 3 months to fix consent or face sanctions

United Kingdom Data Protection:

Government plans to amend PECR in order to fight nuisance calls

United Kingdom Freedom of Information:

FOIA may be extended to apply to information about public services provided by contractors

  • Roundtable with the
    European Data Protection Supervisor
    9 March 2016, EDPS Office, Brussels

  • 20% discount until 18th March

  • 20% discount until 18th March

  • Includes: Overlap of DP and cyber breach reporting; EU will soon consult on revision of the e-Privacy Directive; Changes ahead for data transfers between EU and Asia

  • Includes: EU GDPR: Preparing for the new data protection rules; Parliamentary joint committee studies Investigatory Powers Bill; UK seeks EU court’s clarification on data retention