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International Data Protection:

UK ICO urges US to answer DPAs’ Privacy Shield questions

United Kingdom Data Protection:

Elizabeth Denham confirmed as the UK's next Information Commissioner

United Kingdom Freedom of Information:

No change a victory for Freedom of information after its 10 year review

  • EU Data Protection Regulation:
    Time to get organised in the UK
    Browne Jacobson, 25th May - London
    28th September - Birmingham

  • 10% discount until 18th May

  • 10% discount until 18th May

  • Includes: EDPS nurtures consumer and DP/competition law cooperation; Belgian DPA vs Facebook update; Data portability in the EU and the Philippines

  • Includes: ICO urges organisations to start preparing for GDPR now; DPAs consider the EU-US data transfer Privacy Shield; Data Breach Notification under GDPR