• Asia-Pacific Roundtable Wednesday, May 27, 2015 London, UK

    Professor Graham Greenleaf, Asia-Pacific Editor, Privacy Laws & Business International Report, will lead a roundtable on the countries of most interest to business i...

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International Data Protection:

DPAs write to app developers and demand transparency

United Kingdom Data Protection:

EU competence in data protection generally advantageous to the UK

United Kingdom Freedom of Information:

Extending the FOIA to companies? Two trials and one conference mark nearly 10 years of the FOIA entering into force

  • Includes: HP dual BCR and CBPR certification; EU contractual clauses to become easier to use; Central/East European guide on employee data.

  • Includes: Employees sacked for data breach; ‘Smart city’: Balancing better services against privacy; NHS care.data to conduct trials.

  • Asia-Pacific Roundtable
    27 May 2015 - London, UK

  • 27th Annual Conference 35 videos
    and 165 photos now available

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    DP and privacy vacancies